Fresh air, stunning landscapes, fantastic views and great people; we love our ever changing "office" of farming and rural back blocks.

McDonnell’s Tree Trim has been around for over 30 years. What started out as a simple operation of one man with a chainsaw and bucket truck, has evolved into a well-established, organised company with years of experience behind us.

A long time ago we saw a need for a customised tree trimmer to cut shelter belts and hedges. We wanted to create a more efficient, safer way to get the job done, so being the inquisitive engineering types, we customised a machine to do just that. And we’re still at it today; we love working with the machinery and continuing to update it to meet new challenges and do the job better than ever before.

We pride ourselves on the variety of jobs we handle, the terrain we can access and the repeat work that keeps us busy year on year. Not to mention most of this is for farmers, undoubtedly a lot of the toughest buggers around.

Performance, versatility and reliability are everything to us. Our gear and our operators run hard hour on hour, day after day.

We tackle routine tree maintenance swiftly, carry out heavy de-limbing with ease and do saw reductions of whole trees just as naturally.

About us - Shelter belt trimming machinery at Tree Trim