Performance, versatility, reliability.

We think of ourselves as engineers first and foremost. We don’t just plonk a trimming attachment on the 3 point linkage of a tractor to flop its way through the lumps and bumps. We've custom-built robust solutions that have huge work rates while providing a great finish. Out on the farm our truck based trimmers typically power through 2 to 3 times the volume of work compared to tractor based units. And they tuck in tight for cutting down lane ways, reach out metres over drains and up high to the tallest regularly maintained shelter belts. Being tidy with the debris, along with safety, is always at the forefront of our minds.

What we do - shelter belt trimming at Tree Trim

Maintenance Trimming

The vast majority of our customers get us in every year or two to keep shelter belts maintained so regrowth doesn’t get out of hand. We’ve purpose built machinery that covers the ground quickly, has the horsepower, versatility and reach to efficiently handle every aspect of shelter belt maintenance. From the tallest topped shelter belts to the little gorse hedges, we have it covered and set the pace.

Tree Topping

Our machines, with on-board saw, have the ability and versatility to top, reduce and trim back whole trees. We’ve saw-topped kilometres of tree lines down low for pivot irrigators to travel over top of. And while we don’t really see ourselves as ‘arborists’ as such, we regularly complete careful, tidy reductions of feature trees with almost breathtaking efficiency and safety.

Mess Minimisation

Our favourite compliment is "you guys are quick AND tidy!" Yes, we've built excellent machinery to reach nearly every aspect of tree maintenance, but our central focus when operating on your property is to keep the mess to a minimum. Our vast experience has seen us trial every type of cutting head and develop simple and efficient tooling, technique and cunning tricks to be quick and tidy.

Clean Up

Our 95 horsepower Valtra is just the right size to quickly heap up burn piles with its loader grapple, sneak into tight spots to grab out debris, or run our mulchers over trimmings. The forestry mulchers reduce the trimmings to a tidy mown like finish, leaving it to rot away alongside the tree line where they fell from the trimmer, with no need for messy burn piles and smoking out the neighbours. They easily handle material from light regrowth to heavy limbs 150mm +.

Trimming Around Powerlines and Roads

No problem, our machinery easily handles trimming around power lines to provide safe clearances. Our operators are trained in safe working procedures and emergency management should the need ever arise. We have in-house traffic management for the vast majority of jobs, and our utes are equipped with signs for most occasions, so our operators can quickly take care of what is needed for safe and compliant temporary traffic management. This all minimises downtime to keep costs as low as possible.

Health, Safety and Environment

Our documented systems, procedures and hazard assessments provide safe management of our gear around your property, notification to neighbours and contact numbers to keep in touch while work is in progress.

What we do - maintenance trimming at Tree Trim What we do - Tree topping at Tree Trim What we do - shelter belt trimming clean up at Tree Trim